Smoking Cessation




Stop NOW with our help

Smoking too expensive? 

Could you benefit from an extra £2000 + a year? This is the average cost for someone who smokes 20 a day. 

What will you spend that extra money on when you Stop smoking? 

Social Outcast? 

Do you enjoy standing outside pubs and restaurants in the cold with wind blowing you as it rains and you desperately try to light your cigarette? 

Have you noticed yet the way a smoker smells? 

Have you ever noticed the discolouration on smokers teeth and fingers? 

You can be a smoke free zone in just 3 hours. 

Do you feel healthy? 

I know you know that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and throat cancer and that it significantly contributes to heart disease and stroke. 

Did you know how quickly your health can improve when you stop smoking? 

· In 20 minutes your blood pressure and heart rate start to reduce 

· In as little as 8 hours your lung function increases as oxygen in your blood increases and carbon monoxide reduces. 

· In 24 hours your risk of a heart attack is already reducing 

· In 48 hours damaged nerve endings start to re-grow 

· In 72 hours you are nicotine free 

· In 10 days your circulation is similar to a non smoker 

You are just 3 hours away from being a non-smoker to achieve this result I use a powerful combination of proven therapies to help you kick the habit in just 3 hours. By communicating directly with your unconscious mind ensuring that the change is quick, easy, effective and most importantly permanent

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