Performance anxiety


Are you a performer or sports person with an incredible talent? Do you practice diligently and relentlessly to achieve perfection? 

Then just before your big event you become crippled by performance anxiety and self doubt, and lack of self belief takes over. As you are about to perform or compete someone asks ‘are you nervous’ ? and suddenly all of that preparation disappears as fear takes over. This fear takes over your rational thought process and you succumb to negative destructive self talk. 

I’m not good enough...I'm not fast enough....what if i miss the goal, forget my words, play the wrong note, take the wrong step..

This destructive self talk manifests itself in your physiology, and your body language and behaviour quickly follows. This leads to a self fulfilling prophecy, your posture is tense, you forget your expertise, you have a nervous rash all the way up your neck. After the performance you are your worst critic as you start the process of even more self destruct. 

Its time to change and you can quickly and effectively. 

Imagine, what you will see, hear and feel when this crippling anxiety is replaced with the sense of achievement as you trust your talent and hard work. You experience the pure enjoyment and exhilaration of performing. Your mind and body in perfect harmony as you achieve the results you are capable of.  

We work with singers, musicians, actors and dancers and even people preparing to give a presentation to permanently eliminate performance anxiety. The results are incredible as you reach your full potential and achieve your dream.  


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