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Tracey Gray - Managing Director and Lead Trainer


My passion in life is NLP, mBraining, Hypnotherapy, Time Line TherapyTM, and Coaching.  I utilise these powerful tools to make a profound difference in your business and personal life.  I am innovative and fun in my approach to inspire you to get the results you deserve.  In 2013 I had the honour of developing, leading and implementing an NLP Intervention that won 2 prestigous national awards Nursing Times award for Excellence in supporting Staff health and Well Being and  Training Journal Award for Best Organisational Development Program. 

I have been working towards my goal of creating a unique high quality Training, Coaching and Therapy academy for a few years,  Inspirational Minds is the realisation of my dream, my fellow director is an exceptional graduate of my training courses I can therefore personally testify to her exceptional skills and abilities.

My professional background is varied, after leaving school with few qualifications I eventually trained as a Registered Nurse.  Whilst working as a nurse I was always enthusiastic about working with colleagues to develop them so that patients could get an even better experience.  I have a vast amount of experience in Education as both a senior lecturer, Head of Education and Head of Organisational Development for a large NHS Foundation Trust and have presented Internationally at major conferences and have experience in overseas consultancy.   I combine my professional skills with my expertise in NLP, mBraining, Hypnosis, Time Line TherapyTM and Master coaching to get you measurable results in all areas of your life as well as providing certified training to Masters level in all of these.

At Inspirational Minds I am the lead Trainer on all of our certification programs having trained with Master Trainer David Shephard and Master Trainers Tad and Adrianna James. In mBraining I have trained personally with the co-founder Grant soosalu as both a trainer and master coach.

As well as getting incredible personal results for people through my coaching and therapy practice I have worked with organisations designing major change initiatives which have delivered results that have improved staff engagement and improved efficiency and productivity.  

To me there is no work life balance just life, and I live it to the full and empower others to do the same, it has been said that my enthusiasm and positivity are contagious....... I look forward to spreading it to you soon.


Licensed Master Coach and Trainer of mBIT

Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP

Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Hypnosis 

Certified Master Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainer of Time Line TherapyTM, and Creating a successful future coaching techniques.

Certified NLP Master Coach and NLP Master Coach Trainer  

Masters Degree in Medical Law and Ethics

BSc (Hons) Professional Practice in Healthcare

RN - Registered Nurse 

Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner 

Licensed Hypnotension Practitoner

Certified Hypnobirthing teacher



Services Tracey Gray Offers


  • Fast Track NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certifiaction Training - ABNLP 
  • Hypnosis Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Training - ABH 
  • Time Line Therapy TM Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training - TLT association 
  • NLP Coach Practitioner and Master Coach Level - ABNLP coaching division accredited
  • 1 day diploma in NLP
  • mBIT Evolve your world personal transformation workshop
  • mBIT Leadership and Decision Making Course programme
  • mBIT Licensed Coach Certification Training
  • Inspirational Presentations - 2 day program no previous NLP experience needed.


Training is delivered in our prestigious Hexgreave Estate Headquarters, or for businesses all of these courses can be delivered on site as well as bespoke training and corporate days.



Personal Mind Training 

The ultimate personal development experience on a 1:1 basis with guaranteed results.



Loving Your Life Generative Book Journey coaching programme

Executive coaching

Life coaching

Performance coaching 

Relationship coaching 

Business coaching



Weight loss programs including virtual gastric bands

Reducing blood pressure

Stopping smoking

Stress and anxiety reduction

Phobia cures

Breaking bad habits

Increasing motivation

Confidence and self esteem building.




Contact Tracey

E mail

Mobile 07590 693328 or the office on 07590693328

or the Contact form on this web site


Louise Ramsdale - Director



I specialise in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline TherapyTM and coaching.


I am fully trained to use tools and techniques to offer rapid transformation to overcome difficulties in your life, achieve the outcome you desire by focusing on the solution rather than the problem. 


To enjoy life with powerful confidence and self esteem.  


My background was in criminal law.   This gave me insight to people’s backgrounds and difficult situations together with negative and positive influences, behaviours and choices.  


I wanted to make a difference and give that release of life.  I believe that changing how you think, will also change what you think.


At Inspirational Minds I am a qualified Master Practitioner having been trained by our lead trainer Tracey Gray.  Tracey is my inspiration and has shown and taught me how life is for living!  You can feel like this too!



Certified Master Practitioner of NLP 

Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnosis 

Certified Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy 

Certified Master Coach 

mBIT Coach

Hypnobirthing Teacher


Services Louise Ramsdale Offers


Weight loss

Stopping Smoking

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Phobia Cures

Confidence and Building Self Esteem

Changing Behavious Breaking Bad Habits

Increasing motivation



Personal Mind Training 

The ultimate personal development experience on a 1:1 basis with guaranteed results.



Relationship Coaching

Business Coaching

Life Coaching

Executive Coaching

Performance Coaching